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Deep attachment to the rainforest


The great discoverer and natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt visited Central America between 1799 and 1803. Impressed by the lush vegetation, he named the enormous jungle in the Amazon and Orinoco basin “Hyläa“, which in the original Greek “hyle“ simply meant “forest“.

The company name Hylea 1884 S.R.L. is a return to the origins of the family-owned company at the end of the 19th century: it stands for the deep attachment to the fertile rainforest and its natural products. Pro¬tection of the forest and its ecologically sustainable use are among the company’s highest values.

And so we are following the close attachment of the Bolivian peoples to nature. Nature protection was even recently incorporated into the Bolivian constitution.

The operational location of Hylea 1884 is Fortaleza, directly on the Río Beni.