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Hylea stands for sustainable farming in harmony with man and nature. Our Brazil nuts are among the best in the world and satisfy the highest demands. For this reason we rely on close cooperation with experi-enced partners who share our philosophy, values and demands.

Red River Foods, Inc.
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Joining forces for the protection of the rainforest in Bolivia

The WWF is one of the largest nature and environmental protection organisations in the world. It promotes the preservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of natural resources and the curbing of envi¬ronmental pollution and harmful consumer behaviour. Hylea has been operating sustainably and in har¬mony with man and nature for generations. The company obtains its products exclusively from natural forests and from ecologically sustainable farming. Based on their wealth of combined experience Hylea and the WWF develop projects for the protection of the rainforest in Bolivia. This task is of great importance – for the different species and for the world’s climate.

Joining forces to sell the best nuts

Pakka AG in Switzerland is one of the world’s leading nut traders and a competent service provider for organic and fairly traded nut specialities. The company works solely with partners who demonstrably work ecologically and apply high ethical production standards. For this reason almost all the products in its range have organic and fair trade certification. Hylea’s consistently high quality, social commitment and purely organic production form the basis of a fruitful collaboration. From 2017 onwards, all Brazil nuts in Pakka AG’s range will be supplied exclusively by Hylea.

Joining forces for the highest quality in ecological farming

Red River Foods is the leading supplier of dried fruits and nuts in the USA. The company shares Hylea’s vision of establishing a sustainable distribution chain from which the people in Bolivia profit and which pro¬tects the country. With Red River Foods Hylea has found a strong partner in the USA. To continually raise the high quality standards is a challenge to which both companies have committed themselves. Red River Foods is an important customer for Hylea’s rainforest products developed and promoted in collaboration with the WWF.