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We love what we do. For four generations the Hecker family has been looking after the forests in the Fortaleza region with passion and care. We have set ourselves the task to protect the region. Our mission is to promote and support the natural farming of the rainforest by marketing wild growing products. These products are the heart of our company and at the same time the heart of the rainforest.

Almost 1,500 people people stand behind our philosophy with passion and experience. We all work together towards the success of our mission.

unternehmen-team-peter-heckerPeter Hecker


unternehmen-team-aime-heckerAimé Hecker


unternehmen-team-Deborah-de-heckerDeborah de Hecker

Deborah de Hecker is also a first aider in emergencies and deals with many other social concerns, including local food supplies.