Teak wood from sustainably managed plantations


The future of our timber


The teak tree (Tectona grandis) comes originally from Myanmar, India, Laos and Thailand, but also finds ideal conditions for healthy growth in Bolivia. Its wood not only looks beautiful: it is also extremely durable and weather-resistant. For these reasons it is used for exquisite home furniture, parquet flooring and musi¬cal instruments, as well as for garden furniture and also in shipbuilding.

However, the strongly growing worldwide demand has devastating effects for the once intact virgin forest: to reach the coveted wood of the teak trees large areas are frequently cleared, thus causing long-term damage to nature.

To protect the natural forests, teak is already cultivated in plantations in many places. We also manage teak plantations – strictly in accordance with ecological guidelines and in some cases in cooperation with our committed partners.

In plantation farming, teak passes through a roughly 20 to 25-year cycle: from the raising of the seedlings via interim harvests to the final harvest. During this time the trees reach heights up to 35 metres with trunks which can be used for processing with lengths up to 25 metres.

On our teak plantations we employ above all local people who with this work have a secure source of income outside the seasonal Brazil nut harvest period.