Social responsibility



For the people


We, the Hecker family, have been living in Bolivia for four generations and are committed to making a con¬tribution to sustainable development in our region. First and foremost is the fight against poverty among the local people.


Award of the Bolivian Chamber of Industry and Commerce for a contribution of more than 100 years to Bolivia’s economic development.

It is just as important for us that the people in the region live in good housing and have access to healthy food, energy and clean water. However, we wish to further improve the standard of living which has already been achieved. With our health centres set up specifically for the purpose we also ensure primary health care in the countryside.

We are committed to a self-determined way of life of the rural population – this includes as high a level of education as possible. Back in 1932 we founded the first rural schools – state schools followed only in 1953 – and to this day we ensure that the families send their children to school instead of work. We take a clear stand against child labour.

At present we are financing these projects only with private capital. Our aim is to arouse interest among entrepreneurs so as to further develop existing projects in partnerships in future and accelerate socio-economic development. If you are interested, or if you wish to receive further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Hecker family has a long tradition as one of the biggest employers in the region. Almost all of our employees come from the local rural population. They receive fair wages, with which they are able to con¬tinuously increase their new standard of living. This also relieves the pressure on the children of having to make a contribution to providing for the family, a situation which also has a positive effect on school atten¬dance. Also our suppliers of Brazil nuts receive a good, fair price for their high-quality goods.

In 2000 we were awarded the El Condor de los Andes Order for our social commitment.



The village of Fortaleza, shown in a short video: