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Highest quality


Fruits can only thrive in the best quality in an intact environment. For this reason we endeavour to ensure respectful interaction with nature and we obtain our valuable raw materials exclusively from ecologically sustainable farming.

From the collection of the fruits to the dispatch of the Brazil nuts a great deal of manual labour is involved. In this way we ensure our customers fresh, tasty and healthy nuts in organic quality.

This also includes careful, conscientious sorting and storage of the raw product. In the strictly controlled processing chain the nuts are subjected to quality control after every step. Nuts which do not satisfy the requirements are discarded and used for other purposes.

We sell only shelled nuts. Before they are dispatched we reduce their moisture content to about 2 to 3 per cent, which makes them particularly crunchy and crispy without their losing their aroma. Finally they are sorted once again by quality and vacuum-packed for a long shelf life.

In compliance with good manufacturing practice, the traceability of foods has become a statutory obliga-tion. We particularly stand out here, as we attach great importance to our traceability systems and check the quality of the goods at their place of origin. We also keep a supplier account for every Brazil nut collec-tor. We document and record all incoming and outgoing goods. Hylea is today one of the few companies, if not the only one, to have implemented a traceability system for the procurement of Brazil nuts at their place of origin.