Presents from the forest with a sustainable effect


Our products – Brazil nuts, teak and cocoa – come from natural forests or ecologically sustainable farming.

The world’s rainforests have been disappearing for decades. Also Bolivia is affected. However, there are ways of curbing deforestation for quick profit. These include sustainable use of the natural forests to secure the livelihood of the local population.

We support this by motivating and training the people and above all with the production of Brazil nuts – these thrive only in natural forests.

As a second line of business we cultivate teak trees in accordance with strict ecological guidelines. On our teak plantations we mostly employ local people from the surrounding communities. They thus have a secure income after the Brazil nut harvest season.

Our third product is cocoa. This also creates workplaces for the indigenous population and is sustainably planted by us. As an additional source of income for the local families, cocoa helps to increase their standard of living or to keep it stable and constant.