“The problems of our time cannot only be solved with capital, only in harmony with nature!“

— Peter Hecker —


Globalisation has connected the most diverse regions of the world to each other, but not everybody profits. The Fortaleza region is affected in this way. Hylea is undertaking to ensure that precisely this situation will change. Bolivia is in transition from a developing country to a modern industrial nation. For generations we have been working hard to ensure that the transition will succeed step by step and will be driven forward in future.

Conscientiousness and reliability are two of the central maxims according to which we have been living for generations. Besides this, we have been committed to a positive economic and social development of the region from the beginning. The highest priority for Hylea is not profit maximization, but a positive benefit for everybody involved and for the country’s nature.

In our video we show you how this can be achieved – how we take responsibility for the preservation of the rainforest with the Brazil nutand together with the local population:

We rely on cooperation to achieve the best for everybody. And so it matters very much to us that also our employees and our cooperation partners identify with the values of our company. Only then can a continu¬ous positive development be ensured.

We obtain our products exclusively from regional natural forests and from ecologically sustainable farming.