Ecological responsibility



In harmony with nature


Particularly in developing and emerging countries we observe that ecological resources are exploited for short-term success: parts of the rainforest are sacrificed for pasture farming or growing food and cattle feed. However, the earnings are out of proportion to the destruction of the environment. This also applies to Bolivia.

And yet the rainforests offer a wealth of valuable products which can be used without the trees having to be felled and thus endangering the rainforest. Brazil nut trees, for example, only grow in natural forests and cannot be cultivated in plantations. The challenge for logistics and the people is enormous, for natural resources must be used economically and at the same time the ecosystem must be protected. See also our video.

We teach the people environmentally friendly farming methods, with which they can operate much more productively and considerately. We have developed and adapted these methods to suit the specific condi¬tions of the region. Besides this we wish to make the population increasingly aware of the fact that sustain¬ability and profitability are not mutually exclusive, but complement each other without compromise.

With this aim in mind we have been successfully working and acting for four generations, and we are com¬mitted to ensuring that the economy in the region continues to develop sustainably so as to keep nature unharmed.

IMO control bio-zertifiziertOnce a year we subject the forests and their management to organic certification.