The food of the gods


Cocoa beans grow from small blossom clusters direct from the trunk. Cocoa grown in the wild has a yellow colouring when ripe and is smaller than the fruits from plantations. The ripening time of the coveted fruits is between December and February in the rainy season. During this time the pickers come with their fami-lies to the “Chocolatales” cocoa-growing areas, and harvest the fruits using a three-metre long pole at the end of which a loop to grab the fruits is attached. The fruits are collected on the ground, and the precious beans are painstakingly removed from the pulp by hand and then transported to the fermentation plant. Due to the fermentation processes the aromatic juice leaves the beans while these are being stored in wooden crates. In this way the moisture content is reduced and water is removed. And now for a few facts worth knowing about cocoa:

Cocoa is called “the food of the gods“, and can besides Brazil nuts improve the sustainable recovery of the rainforest’s yield of regenerative and non-timber products. Hylea only grows cocoa of the Criollo type. The taste depends not only on the type of cocoa but also on the local climate and the soil conditions. Charac¬teristic of the fine Criollo cocoa preferred by Hylea is that its unique taste can only be obtained in specific areas.

Hylea’s new line of business also creates new jobs and is a diversification within the company. You will find our cocoa in for example Sprüngli.