In tune with the times


Innovation and willpower are prerequisites for successful growth and development. As a responsible entrepreneur one must accept new challenges in order to promote sustainable development of one’s own company and the region in which it is located. We experienced this back in the 1920s, when we switched from trading with natural rubber to Brazil nuts.

In view of market developments at the time this was a logical step, and even today the Brazil nut sector dominates the regional market. However, it provides a secure income for the local people only during the rainy season, for the nuts ripen during this period and must be processed quickly.

For this reason Hylea wishes to ensure, with the sustainable farming of further agricultural products, that the people can make a living in the time after the Brazil nut harvest. This strengthens the local economy and supports the families in the region.

Only by means of change can new things be sustainably created: we support the people with training and in their search for a profession with which they are happy and satisfied. We make professional and personal development possible for them. This also pays off for us and raises the quality of our products to a new level, which benefits you, our customers.

Hylea entered the cocoa sector in a large way in 2015 and has so far planted more than 30,000 wild cocoa seedlings in the rainforest. This activity will be continued every year.