Responsibility, fairness, passion


We at Hylea are committed to a wide-reaching vision: the economic development of the Fortaleza region on an ecologically sustainable basis. Our aim is to improve the living conditions of the local population – to promote wealth and education and to ensure healthy, satisfied and self-determined lives.

For this purpose we work together with the surrounding communities from which we obtain our organic Brazil nuts. The people learn to make sustainable use of the rainforest, as their ancestors did: the forests are valuable sources of all kinds of wood and fruits. So it makes sense to preserve them and to cultivate them only to the extent that they can regenerate by themselves. In our video we are pleased to tell you more about our philosophy and what moves and drives us.

Our name has stood for highest-quality Brazil nuts from natural forests for four generations. It is a matter of course for us to process and to offer only fruits from ecologically sustainable farming. This is our quality quarantee.

From now onwards we are also offering, besides Brazil nuts, wild grown cocoa from the unspoilt rainforest as well as pepper. We started growing pepper in 2013.

We also run teak plantations with ecological guidelines.


Brazil nuts
Premium quality organic Brazil nuts.



High-grade wood from sustainable plantation farming.



Fine wild cocoa with a unique aroma.